Wallstreet Café – Marbella

internet in Marbella

Avenida de la Puerta del Mar, 13

952 772 119

Wallstreet Café is a Dutch-owned establishment that merges an internet café with a coffee shop (not the Amsterdam variety) and the stock market. If that all sounds a bit grey and suited – it’s not. I have absolutely no interest in the stock market.

Wallstreet is a bright and airy café consisting of a giant chunk of wonky table surrounded by chairs and a bunch of window benches where you can sit and surf, drink coffee and read magazines and books about stock market trading. Two giant TV screens show business news all day.

If like me, you enjoy the subject of the stock market slightly less than having my retinas caramelized, then it’s very easy to ignore and just use the internet, enjoy the air conditioning and take a breather.

A hardcore coffee machine produces all types of coffee from ristretto to cappuccino, macchiato to latte and Americano. Coffee prices start from €1.10 for a ristretto.

They also have a good range of organic Yogi teas such as a delicious Ginger Hibiscus and Green Vitality. Teas are served in beautiful contemporary coffee glasses.

There are also a few cold drinks such as colacao, sprite, coca cola and sparkling water.

Wallstreet Café is a cool and spacious oasis in Marbella on a spanking hot day. An awesome and welcome location to take the lappy top and catch up on some work, whether or not you have any interest in the stock market.

Dutch, Spanish and English are all spoken although one of the owners is slightly deaf, so whatever language you choose to communicate, make sure it’s a loud one.

Nice guys with a strange business model, but worth supporting.

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