Wi-fi – Sitges, Spain

We haven’t found that many places in Sitges that provide a wi-fi signal – which is monumentally disappointed. Although I have found that – oddly – in Spain, some places have it but don’t advertise it or don’t advertise it adequately, so it’s worth asking. I’ve even found that some restaurants have free wi-fi and are happy to let you suck some up.

Anyway, these are the few places that have wi-fi in the lovely seaside town of Sitges in Catalonia.

Café Ohm
Carrer del Puerto de Alegre

Café Ohm is right on the seafront (the other side of the church from the main stretch of beach in central Sitges). It’s a trendy bar/restaurant that serves cocktails, breakfasts and Mediterranean food. The seating is comfortable and large parasols shade you whilst you surf the net and watch the sea. The food is pretty good and there are a number of options for vegetarians. Great for internetting and brunches. Luscious mango smoothie and quality granizado de limon. Opens around midday.

Al Vert Café
c/Bonaire 4

A little café in the centre of Sitges where you can enjoy a herbal tea, coffee or hot chocolate and get yourself on the internet. Also serves snacks, sells organic breads and has gluten free cookies and cakes. Soya milk is available for vegetarians, the lactose intolerant or milk haters. Plug sockets are available. Closed between 13:30hrs and 17hrs for siesta. Lazy.

Fora Mandra
Passeig de la Ribera

A great location right on the seafront. Have a cold drink, watch the sun bouncing off the sea and update your Facebook status to say ‘having a cold drink whilst watching the sun bounce of the sea’. You know you want to.

Café Roy
Parellades, 9

I’m told they have wi-fi here. Worth checking out.

Sitges PC
Angel Vidal 2

Communications shop that has computers you can use to check internet and wi-fi too.

If you’re in Spain for a while it might be worth buying a prepaid internet dongle. Carrefour is the cheapest we’ve found and is fairly reliable so long as you aren’t anywhere too remote.

If you know of any others, please let us know by using the commenty box down yonder, and we’ll update this list.

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