Wi-fi – Barcelona part III

Here are some more glorious spots that offer free wi-fi in central Barcelona but there are bound to be a ton more. Most of those mentioned below are either vegetarian, vegan or at least vegetarian-friendly due to the nature of our diet and the purpose of this website. Sorry about that if you are an internet-seeking carnivore. We’ll be sure to add more free wi-fi spots as soon as we discover them.


C/ Joaquín Costa, 43  08001
El Raval

This is a good spot for surfing el net in the fashionably down-at-heel El Raval on one of the most colourful streets. They serve cocktails, coffees, hot chocolates, snacks and a few good teas. And they have books too and (generally) dubious art on the walls. The seats (although leather) are comfortable and make your buttocks feel at home. Sit at the front and take advantage of the big windows for people watching and reminding yourself that life exists beyond your computer.


Carrer del Pou de la Cadena, 8
El Borne

Lilipep is a thoroughly gorgeous and utterly enchanting little café in El Born that invites you to bury yourself inside for a few hours. They serve breakfast and have a general menu available throughout the day. Drinks are available with soya or rice milk (when available) and there are plenty of options.

Really cosy and quaint spot suitable for losing hours in.

Vitaminas & Co

C/ Moll de Gregal, 3 08005
Gothic Quarter

A busy little (very little) juice bar come café on the road that continues from Ample. Loads of juices to choose from that appear to be prepared in a very standard domestic juicer but the range of juices is good all the same and features some vegetable juices. Or else there are coffees, teas, sandwiches and croissants.

There are only three tables here so best not to take the piss and linger several days over an espresso here during busy times ie the morning rush. Although the door opening and closing automatically might just drive you insane before your two hours are up.

Teresa Carles

Calle de Jovellanos, 2  08001
El Raval (North)

Upmarket vegetarian restaurant at the top of El Raval where you can eat breakfast (eggs, toasts, muffins, cereal), drink tea, coffee or juices (they have a few vegetable juices) and eat salads (tasty but small for the price).

They have a charming menu of exciting vegetarian fodder and tables in corners tend to be hiding a plug socket.

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If you know of any other good free wi-fi spots in Barcelona, please let us know and we will add it to the list.



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