Wild Camp #2 at Begur, Catalunya

Type: Wild camp

Name: Begur municipal swimming pool

Where: Begur, Costa Brava, Catalunya

How to find it: From the south follow the GIP-6532 and take a sharp left onto Calle de Ramón Llull (follow signs for Piscina Municipal). From the North head along the GIV-6537 and take a sharp right onto Calle de Ramón Llull.

Zoom in on the marker, follow the road to the right on the map and you’ll see the Piscina Municipal and car park to its left.
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Our third and final night in Begur was spent in the car park next to the local ‘Piscina Municipal‘. We decided it was a good idea because it meant we could have an early morning swim and a shower before we left for Banyoles.

The pool should have cost 4 euros but we went in the far entrance and didn’t have to pay. Although I don’t like to ‘steal’ I was glad of the swim and the facilities.

We’d seen the spot before after John and Roselyne taught us the ‘free shower’ trick and once they’d left the other wild spot in Begur the place felt empty. The decision to change came easily.

At the time we arrived there was a party of sorts taking place, nothing heavy and by 11pm it had dispersed, leaving us to the crickets and wind casually rattling the leaves of the many trees behind us.

The open space meant that Sweep could run off his lead and we had no worries about cars as we were on a very minor road. We left the side door ajar and put Sweep’s ‘furanda’ up (a net which fits across the side door) so that we could enjoy the coolness of the night. Only the soft buzz of electrons from overhead power cables and the choir of crickets in full voice invaded the stillness.

There weren’t any real drawbacks to this place; our water supply came from a nearby petrol station and we had the municipal pool for washing and toilets.

Our Carrefour internet dongle worked well here too.

Wild camping may not be your thing but Begur is well worth a visit so you could book a hotel instead by clicking here.

Our Verdict: Although not as conveniently placed for access to Begur’s beautiful old centre we did have a peaceful sleep. The proximity of the pool was a huge bonus and most of the houses nearby were apparently holiday homes, mostly unoccupied. A great spot with on level ground which was good for Sweep to run around on.

Sweep’s Verdict: Paws up.

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