Wild Camp #2 at Tossa de Mar, Catalunya

Tossa de Mar from a mirador on the GI-682

Type: Wild Camp

Name: GI-682 hidey hole

Where: Where the GI-682 meets Carrer de Manel Vila to the north of Tossa de Mar.

How to find it: Head out of Tossa de Mar on the GI-682 as if heading towards Sant Feliu then just before a sharp right bend at the end of Carrer de Manel Vila, turn off the road onto the apex between the roads.


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We didn’t actually stay in this wild camp spot because there’s only room for one van and it was occupied at the time by one of the German guys we saw at Calella. I cursed him for getting there before us as it looked a really decent spot.

It was within fifteen minutes walk of Tossa de Mar’s centre but looking back on it now I realise that it would only have been good for one night. The lack of a water supply, being so close to the main road and slight exposure make it difficult for anyone with a dog to stay there.

That said, it is an excellent looking spot and would offer much more privacy than the car park behind the leisure centre which only trumps this one because of the water supply and Sweep’s safety.

We didn’t try our Carrefour internet dongle here but as it’s on the edge of Tossa de Mar it should be ok.

Wild camping may not be your thing but you can always book a hotel in Tossa de Mar by clicking here.


Our Verdict: Good for a night if you have plenty of water but not great if you have a dog.

Sweep’s Verdict: Big paws down – He said he’d have got bored there very quickly.


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