Wild Camp at Ainsa – electrical storms and lovely views

Type: Wild Camp

Name: Rio Ara night spot

Where: Beside the Rio Ara at Ainsa

How to find it: Head into Ainsa from the east along the N260 and as you round the bend towards the centre turn right just before the bridge. Follow the river for a few hundred metres and park up.


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Our wild camp at Ainsa was a great little spot along a dusty track which runs parallel to the north bound A138 on the opposite side of the Rio Ara.

We took a look at several places along the river first and decided on this spot because it was close to the water and hidden from the road. It also put us in a great spot to see the old town on the hill at the heart of Ainsa and Pena Montanesa.

Pena Montanesa from Ainsa's old quarter. Such an inspiring view.


For a wild camp it lacked a few things; firstly there was no immediate water supply, the river being too polluted. Secondly there was nowhere to use as an emergency toilet as apart from the trees beside us there was little cover. Lastly, and as always, it wasn’t ideal for Sweep although the surrounding area was good for his walks. We couldn’t let him off the lead which was a shame.

It was a noisy night with violent electrical storms pounding away outside while raindrops hammered the van roof. It was a spectacle not to be missed although we did worry that the river might flood and give us some problems. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

The old quarter in Ainsa as seen from our wild camp spot.


The next morning was cooler thanks to the storm and we took a very leisurely walk around the town.

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Wild camping may not be your thing but you can always book a hotel in the area by clicking here.


Our Verdict: Decent secluded spot by the river with great views of the old town. Not ideal for Sweep but not terrible.

Sweep’s Verdict: A bit boring – paws down (a little bit).

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