Wild Camp at Aldea Beach, KM140, A-7, Costa del Sol

Wild camp at Aldea beach, Manilva, Costa del Sol, Andalucia.

After a hard day partying on the small town of Sabinilla with our new friends Per and Ulrika we were in need of a good place to spend the night. While looking for apartments for our other friend, Bella, we had spotted several vans parked right on Aldea Beach, south-west of Sabinilla so we followed suit.

By the time we arrived at around 11:30pm we were the only van and our solitary neighbour was a tent right on the water’s edge. We drove quite a way along the unsurfaced beach road and found a wider spot where we parked up with the side door facing the sea.

It wasn’t until morning that we realised we’d struck gold with his wild camp. OK, so there is no supermarket nearby, no decent water supply and not much in the way of mobile or internet signal; but what we had was raw beauty. The sun, the shingle and coarse grain sand of the beach, the still blue of the ocean, all of which stretched for miles about us.

It was incredibly peaceful there despite the A-7 running right behind us and we had the opportunity to explore the area in peace as early morning crept slowly over the mountains to the north-east.


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As is the norm, Aldea Beach is not dog friendly but that didn’t stop us walking Sweep for four hours. Heading south-west takes you to a rocky area where fisherman laze beside their hitched rods and snorkellers marvel at the aquatic wildlife.

Walking north-east brings you to the excellent Floria Chiringuito; a very special kind of beach front bar that wouldn’t look out of place in Thailand.

So, marks out of ten? I have to go with an eight, despite the lack of obvious facilities like toilets, water supply, supermarkets and internet opportunities (our dongles were largely useless there), as mentioned before, Aldea Beach is brimming with raw beauty and is a natural, unspoilt wilderness that invigorates and delights.

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