Wild Camp at Aveiro, Near Porto, Portugal

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GPS Co-ordinates: Longitude 40.644047, Latitude -8.65889

Overview: Aveiro is described by some as the ‘Venice’ of Portugal although the comparison is based purely on the few canals and punts that run tours through the small town. It is its own charming self and to compare it to Venice does it an injustice. We found a good spot to park on the edge of the town, beside the motorway and the salt flats. Although it doesn’t sound ideal it was actually very quiet and put us within five minutes walk of the town’s picturesque centre.

Nearest Water Supply: A font along the one way street beside the car park (200m away).

Electric plug-in: None

Nearest Toilets: One of the many bars or restaurants in Aveiro (nearest was maybe 500m).

Shade: Plenty under the road bridge.

Dog Friendly: Not ideal for dogs although the salt flats were a useful place to walk them. Too much traffic means you need to keep them on a lead.

Dog Walking Nearby: Into town or along the salt flats next to the car park.

Safety: There were plenty of other people wild camping here which meant safety in numbers. We had no hassle from police or other campers.

Nearest Supermarket: There are convenience stores nearby in Aveiro.

Nearest Cashpoint: Multibanco in Largo do Rossio (500m away)

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