Wild Camp at Banyoles Lake, Catalunya

Type: Wild camp

Name: Banyoles lake

Where: Banyoles, Catalunya

How to find it: Head for the sports arena at the southern end of the lake and turn left into Passeig de Delmau.


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The lake at Banyoles is circled by 8km of road which offers surprisingly few wild camp opportunities. We originally stopped at a picnic location on the north west edge of the lake but it was very noisy and at 3am cars were still driving by with subwoofers thumping away and I got really grumpy so we moved.

The drive took us round to the southern tip of the lake along Passeig de Delmau which is flanked by houses, a leisure centre and a small forest.

The lake at Banyoles is a fantastic sanctuary from the August heat.

Although quiet and safe the biggest drawbacks were a lack of toilets (which seem to be necessary in the night all too often these days), the fact we were on a main road which meant Sweep couldn’t be let out (even on his long lead) and that we were highly visible.

Those things didn’t stop us staying there for two nights, but we did move during the day to explore the local area.

Trees provided some much needed shade around the edge of Lake Banyoles.

On the plus side we were in a prime spot for lake activities and Sweep got a terrific walk around the edge (which took about an hour and a half). We were also very close to a purpose built swimming area which while very refreshing in the hot Catalunyan sun, was more difficult to swim in being fresh water. Dogs are not allowed in the swimming area and signs tell you not to swim before 9am but plenty of people were there at 8am with their canine friends.

Our Carrefour internet dongle picked up a decent signal here.

Of course, Sweep made some new friends as usual.

Our Verdict: Hardly the most picturesque or ideal spot but it did put us within a minute of the beautiful lake at Banyoles and it felt safe enough. A little more exploration might reveal a better spot, but for us, given that we found it at around 3am it was good enough – even for a second night.

Sweep’s Verdict: Paws down (except for the big walk).

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