Wild Camp at Barranco Blanco, Andalucia

Wild Camp at Barranco Blanco Waterfall, Andalucia

Our search for Barranco Blanco led us to a wider area in the road where visitors park up for the afternoon while bathing in the waterfall and its three little pools. It was here that we wild camped for the night after finding the wonderful site with a dark history.

Barranco Blanco is quite a distance from the nearest town and the closest shop is a BP garage on a roundabout some 6km away. With that in mind it’s best to pack provisions as the road out of there is quite demanding and you won’t want to be driving backwards and forwards much, if at all.

Water and food are your main concerns as even though there is plenty of water cascading down from the mountain its drinkability is questionable. The pools at the bottom of the waterfall, especially the largest, have a foamy film at the edge indicating some pollution which is probably a run off from the houses higher up the slopes.

During the week the site is quiet with maybe two or three visitors per day, but o the weekend it gets quite busy, especially from May onwards so pick your moment carefully otherwise you’ll be faced with disturbances ad noise.

An old abandoned house across the nearby bridge is an excellent spot to take care of toilet duties but be careful of the beehives in the garden, especially from spring onwards. The bees are very active duing this period and won’t hesitate to defend their homes and bounty aggressively.

Forget internet and even phone signal around Barranco Blanco too; it’s a place of serenity and calm and you should treat it as such.

There does seem to be a minor litter problem but there is a large bin beside the information sign and you can leave your bagged-up rubbish there. Be mindful of the local wildlife when dumping rubbish; some species can be quite tenacious.

So, marks out of ten for the wild camp at Barranco Blanco? It’s an eight, purely because of the proximity of the waterfall. Internet is a no-no, toilet facilities are wherever you can find them (read our shitting in the woods guide) and there are no nearby shops. It’s not the easiest place to find which is good because it keeps it safe. For washing the falls provide a great spot; just be sure to use eco-friendly products and respect the wildlife.

You probably won’t spend more than a few nights there but the waterfall at Barranco Blanco is a magical place and will remain etched into your memory for a long tine to come.

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