Wild Camp at Benajarafe Beach, Andalucia


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After my most enjoyable, relaxing and rejuvenating stay at Lake Vinuela I headed back to Torre del Mar to pick up the N-340a and slowly wend my way along the coast to Malaga. En route I spotted a great location with a lovely looking expanse of beach so at the first opportunity I left the coastal road and found a great spot at the back of Benajarafe’s beach.

The now familiar snow capped peak of [name] was still visible and upon opening the side door I was confronted by beach and sea; a totally unobscured vision of heaven with the backdrop of mountains.

Wild Camp at Benajarafe, Costa del Sol, Andalucia

Wild Camp at Benajarafe, Costa del Sol, Andalucia

It has always been one of my ideal locations, to have the mountains at the back and the sea out front so finding this wild camp spot in Benajarafe was a real boon.

In terms of facilities it was a bit of an odd one as there are showers on the beach (great for a good wash when it’s gone a bit darker) but not much else without a drive or a hike into town. There is a bar right next to the beach but it didn’t open while I was there, so toilet duties were basically a spade and squat job in the bushes.

The beach itself has dark sand which compresses heavily underfoot leaving huge indentations. It seems to be raked over regularly and kept pretty tidy with plenty of bins all the way along.

There were a few other RVs parked in a layby behind me and I got that sense of ‘safety in numbers’ from their presence, even though I’m not normally bothered if anyone else is wild camping or not.

Another plus for this place is the fact that the beach seems very dog friendly and I saw a several people walking their best friends. Sweep, Kodi and I spent a large part of the day there soaking up rays, chasing stones, styling sticks and generally enjoying a lot of cuddles.

For the time of year it is very quiet here and that’s a good thing. I was able to enjoy Benajarafe beach, the sunshine, mountains and canine company in absolute peace.

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