Wild Camp at Calella, Costa Brava, Catalunya

Type: Wild Camp

Name: Calella Lighthouse

Where: Between Sant Pol de Mar and Calella on the N11 (KM666)

How to find it: Head towards Calella on the N11 and take a left turn into the car park before the lighthouse. If you miss it go to the roundabout, come back and take the first right turn.

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Our first night in Sitges was a bit of an anticlimax after all the excitement of getting out on the road so finding this excellent wild spot along the Costa Brava was a huge boost for us. I drove into it by accident thinking it was the turning for Calella.

There was a white VW Camper on German plates parked there already and the occupant had his doors and windows wide open while he sat very comfortably on his day bed, nose buried in a book.

We opted to park further back by the entrance to a hill and forest climb and as the evening closed in most of the cars left. We shared the space with the white VW and another which arrived shortly after us.

There were several very good thins about this place; firstly there were plenty of places to walk Sweep and after the others cars left we could let him off the lead; secondly, we were right next to a beach which had showers and the opportunity for a morning swim. A steep ramp ran down beneath the N11 onto the beach and at night it was incredibly peaceful.

The lighthouse was a silent sentinel and further up the hill on the other side there were castle ruins which offered excellent photo opportunities and great views of the coast all the way to Barcelona some 60km away.

With Calella so close were also well placed for supermarkets.

The only thing it lacked was a water supply but we carry 30 litres in our tank and have a 10 litre back up bottle.

Our Carrefour internet dongle worked well here.

Calella is more of a commercial tourist location but if you like that kind of thing you can book a hotel by clicking here.

Verdict: I would happily stay at this spot again. There was no bother from anyone, we were far enough from the N11 not to be disturbed by traffic noise and with the beach so close we were able to shower in peace.

Sweep’s Verdict: Paws up.

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