Wild Camp at Calella de Palafrugells

Type: Wild Camp

Name: Calella de Palafrugell car park

Where: On the main coastal road that runs to Cap Roig

How to find it: On a bend, on the right hand side at the junction of Avinguda de Costa Del Sol and Carrer de la Costa dels Tarongers.

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This dusty little car park was on an unavoidable slope which made sleeping uncomfortable and the heat of the day added some discomfort to proceedings. Because the site was near to the main road there was quite a lot of traffic noise and at night a local club was banging away until around 6am.

A few other bigger campers were also parked here, amusingly to me they had their TV aerials raised and sat watching sports at night instead of exploring the little town or enjoying the beach.

Some scrubland at the back of the car park provided adequate ‘shelter’ for what nature intends on a daily basis plus there were plenty of places to walk Sweep nearby. It wasn’t safe to let him off the lead as too many cars were coming by.

We only stayed one night as it was an uncomfortable sleep but it served its purpose and we saved ourselves a hefty camp site fee.

Our Carrefour internet dongle worked fine here.

Wild camping isn’t for everyone but the cute little town of Calella de Palafrugells is worth a look so you could always book a hotel by clicking here.

Verdict: Not much to say about this one; it was hot, dusty and loud. No water supply but decent walks for Sweep and privacy for toiletless toilet needs.

Sweep’s Verdict: Ambivalent.

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