Wild Camp at Elviria, Costa del Sol

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The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular holiday regions of Europe and prices range from the affordable to the ridiculous. For us, part of the fun is finding free places to stay so when we discovered a great little wild camp spot near Elviria we were pretty happy.

Elviria lies west of Cabopino and the best landmark for finding the wild camp spot is the Don Carlos hotel; a 5-star high rise behemoth which rises out of the trees like a badly fake tanned middle finger on the hand of a giant English tourist.

The wild camp is at the end of a tiny little road by the beach. A glimpse out of our front window or porthole actually made us feel like we were sailing rather than parking, so close were the crashing waves of the sea.

Thirty metres away is Chiringuito Carlos and Paula whose prices are cheap, food is decent and toilets are outside, the latter allowing some exploitation for water gathering, washing and of course, business.

The toilets are locked at night so be prepared with a jug, bag, shovel, strong bladder, excellent sphincter control or whatever.

Ignore the moody sky; when the sun shines (as it often does) this wild camp near Elviria  is beautiful.

Ignore the moody sky; when the sun shines (as it often does) this wild camp near Elviria is beautiful.

It’s a peaceful place which is only disturbed by restaurant staff dropping bottles in the recycling bins nearby, but for the rest of the day/night you will be soothed into relaxation by the sound of the waves and the sometimes brisk wind as it blows from the south-west.

Police do patrol the beaches (in plain clothes) but we had no bother from them. They had been by several times over the four days we spent there and they didn’t move us on. Their concerns are with dog walkers and the army of Senegalese peddlers and their sunglasses, bags and watches.

As with all wild camp spots make sure you are respectful towards your neighbours and the environment. Leave no trace of your being there so the rest of us can continue to enjoy the opportunity to make the most of these quiet, out-of-the-way places.

Marks out of ten for the wild camp spot near Elviria? I’ll go with an eight. Sweep was fine here as there was no real threat from traffic, although we had to keep him on the lead to stop him going on the beach. The views are wonderful and the sea is a great bed fellow. Our internet dongles worked very well here and the excellent Elviria’s Deli nearby has very fast wi-fi.

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