Wild Camp at Havana Beach, Estepona, Costa del Sol

Wild camp at Havana Beach near Estepona, Costa del Sol, Andaluica


It’s rare to find a wild camp that has everything you need so when you do it’s worth making the most of it. For us, that happened at Havana Beach, Estepona on the Costa del Sol. Here we had all the things that make wild camping so enjoyable and we ended up staying for five days.

We parked no more than 50 metres from the beach amongst some trees and were able to enjoy both sunshine and shade in equal measures. The sea was there to cool us when the day became too hot; a millpond crescent bay with soft sand and still, shallow water where fish breached at sunset and crabs scuttled away from prying eyes.

The large sandy area where we parked was right next to Havana Beach and forms a link between the two chiringuitos and the port (Puerta Deportivo). The port has plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants; two of which are the OpenCor supermarket and the excellent ‘Elemi‘ vegetarian restaurant (opposite the Plaza de Torros).

Elemi has superfast wi-fi and extremely friendly staff.


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Water supply came courtesy of the many beach showers and toilets or Havana Beach Chiringuito, and we made good use of those first thing in the morning for a thorough wash. A few dog walkers cast curious glances but Spain isn’t a country known for self-consciousness.

Our internet dongles (Vodafone and Carrefour) worked very well.

At night it was generally peaceful, it seems that Havana Beach is a place that people come to relax at all hours, so apart from a few subwoofers it was pretty quiet. There were plenty of fishermen along the seas defences but they too were very quiet.

Another plus to this place is the view of Gibraltar and the north coast of Africa. First thing in the morning they are very clear and you can make out plenty of detail on both.

I’m inclined to give this wild camp a big fat TEN out of TEN. The proximity of the supermarket, bars and showers, decent internet from both dongles and Elemi plus a stunning little beach and views of Gibraltar make this one pretty much perfect.

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