Wild Camp at KM4, M-3303, Andalucia

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There is no easy way to describe this wild camp spot or to justify why it’s a good place to stop. It is in the middle of nowhere and is not an easy place to find unless you’re looking for a specific place. We happened upon it during our search for Barranco Blanco and its beautiful waterfall (read about that here) and that is the only reason I can imagine anyone would stay here.

The M-3303 is connects Fuengirola to places like Coin and Monda and runs behind a range of peaks that can be seen from the coast.

As I mentioned, we found it during our search for the waterfall and we only spent the one night there. The site itself is a bumpy space beside a winding road that leads to a small community in the hills around Fuengirola (18km away). It sits roughly 2km from the M-3303 and is sheltered by steep tree covered walls.

At the back of the wild camp there is a semi-hidden area which served as a good spot to take care of toilet duties (read about shitting in the wild here) so pack a spade, some toilet roll, a few wet-wipes and a plastic bag.

There are no shops nearby so stock up on food and water. There is a BP garage about 6 km away and it serves the usual fuel station fare of overpriced junk food and useless knick-knacks such as pine tree shaped air fresheners that sting the nostrils and encourage allergies thanks to their high chemical content.

Our internet dongles didn’t work here, probably due to the high walls of the mountains.

The wild camp spot at KM4 put us very close to Barranco Blanco and another wild camp spot (read about it here). You can also read about our search for the waterfall and the dark history of Barranco Blanco.

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