Wild Camp at La Cala, Costa del Sol, Andalucia

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La Cala de Mijas is a great little village on the Costa del Sol, situated between Funegirola and Cabapino. It is easily found along the N-340 and has the added bonus of dog friendly beaches.

Our wild camp at La Cala is quite exposed and is only really ‘safe’ (in legal terms) for no more than a few days. To reach it from the east you need to exit the N-340 at La Cala and take the first exit. The Wild Camp is right beside a huge restaurant on a big car park. The back of the spot is lined with trees.

The restaurant is great for your toilet needs and the nearby Mercadona is perfect for your shopping needs.

You will have to be careful of police and make sure you are discreet but you will undoubtedly be joined by other wild campers in some very obvious vehicles.


The shaded streets of La Cala de Mijas are only ten minutes walk from our wild camp spot.

The shaded streets of La Cala de Mijas are only ten minutes walk from our wild camp spot.


The beach is only 10 minutes walk at most from the wild camp spot and is a great little spot, moderately busy but absolutely dog friendly.

There are plenty of stalls along the prom in La Cala and if you’re selling your own wares you could easily slot in along there somewhere.

So, all in all this wild camp is fine for a few days; not great in terms of being visible or quiet (the N-340 never seems to cease) but the proximity of the restaurant and supermarket make it a useful place to bed down for a couple of days.

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