Wild Camp at La Collada, Pyrenees, Catalunya – High altitude wonders

Type: Wild Camp

Name: La Molina

Where: N-152 between Ribes de Freser and Puigcerda.

How to find it: Follow the N-152 west from Ribes de Freser. It’s a winding one which takes you up to 1800m above sea level. You’ll see the hotel ‘La Collada’ on your right as you approach. The car park is opposite.


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This wild camp spot was a welcome find after a long drive through the Pyrenees. It was dark when we arrived so we didn’t know what to expect. We had a peaceful sleep and awoke to one of the most stunning vistas on our travels.

This view of La Molina greeted us upon our waking.


The car park sits way above La Molina, a ski resort in the Catalunyan Pyrenees. Despite the lack od snow it’s still a very popular place for cyclists and other outdoors enthusiasts.

The hotel over the road provided toilets and a restaurant which served fresh bread (the Spanish and their bread…) and some of the worst croissants I’ve ever tried. There was no water supply other than the hotel toilets which meant we couldn’t have filled our main tank if we needed to.

Looking at La Molina through Denny's porthole felt like coming into land aboard the Space Shuttle


There were plenty of options for Sweep to enjoy a good walk and we set off up the hills behind La Collada for a good wander, to take in some views and grab some photos. As the morning wore on more cars arrived with backpackers and cyclists making up the main contingents. This also meant we had to keep Sweep on his long lead.

Sweep in his yellow bra. He loved his big, high altitude walk at La Molina.


I wouldn’t recommend this spot for the long term; there’s very little to do here but as a stop over it’s perfect and offers some of the most stunning vistas going.

La Molina is a beautiful ski resort and summer retreat so if wild camping isn’t your thing you could always book a hotel by clicking here.

Our Verdict: A wonderful, high altitude wild camp spot with a useful hotel and some fantastic views. No good for anything more than a stop over.

Sweep’s Verdict: Paws up!


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