Wild Camp at La Creu, Montserrat, Catalunya

Type: Wild camp.

Where: La Creu near Montserrat, Catalunya.

How to find it: Head south on the C55 from Manresa and follow signs for La Creu.

Montserrat at sunsetIt was late in the day after a climb up Montserrat and we opted against a camp site for the night to save some euros. We found a small village called La Creu, between Manresa and Terrassa, just off the C55.

The road wound through the village for several kilometres and when I say wound, I mean twisting like a tape worm on a helter skelter. It rose and fell, narrowing and widening arbitrarily, which was fun in the dark, until we rounded one last tight bend.

And there it was – our home for the night.

Montserrat looms above the pine trees.

Situated beside a dirt road behind a few houses we settled in amongst the pine trees and got some shut eye.

Traffic came by until around midnight and only the sound of dogs talking each other through their days events broke the otherwise silent neighbourhood. Sweep joined in occasionally when something of doggy interest provoked him.

Denny in the wild camp at La Creu near Montserrat.

In the morning we awoke to blue skies and sunshine; Montserrat peering down at us over the line of trees, the sun stroking its limestone walls.

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Wild camping isn’t for everyone but if you wish to explore the wonders of Montserrat you can book a hotel in the area by clicking here.

Our Verdict: A good night sleep in a fairly secluded spot with a lovely morning view.

Sweep’s Verdict: Woof!

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