Wild Camp at Lake Vinuela, Andalucia

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Where: Lake Vinuela, Andalucia

How to get there: Follow the A-356 out of Torre del Mar and keep going until you see the lake.

Before you indulge in reading about the wild camp you should first read about Lake Vinuela by clicking here, to make sure you’re prepared for its beauty.

After hearing about the lake I decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up so I packed up my things, bid farewell to the wild camp at Torre del Mar beach and took the 30 minute drive to this most beautiful spot.

The lake is about 4km beyond La Vinuela which has various shops so if you need provisions stock up there or at one of the many supermarkets in Torre del Mar. There is nothing but natural beauty at Lake Vinuela and although the water, which is naturally collected rainfall, is usable it isn’t fit to drink.

Wild Camp at Lake Vinuela, Andalucia

Wild Camp at Lake Vinuela, Andalucia

In summer I’m told it gets busy with people coming in for a swim and a picnic.

I pitched up as close to the shore as was safe. I mention this because the ground is very soft near the water and heavier vehicles will definitely get stuck.

This wild camp is well off the beaten track and there is nothing to do at the lake but relax. As there are absolutely no facilities you’ll need to pack loo roll, wet wipes and a trusty spade for toilet duties. It is quite exposed so pick your spot carefully.

Other than that there’s not much to say except enjoy it; Lake Vinuela is a beautiful place that deserves a respectable visit – so please leave it how you found, if not better.

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