Wild Camp at Mourão, Alentejo, Portugal

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Upon arrival in Mourão, Alentejo, Portugal we drove into the main square and parked up for a bit of an exploration venture. It was the first place we’d been to since crossing the border with Spain and we didn’t know quite what to expect.

OK, so the wild camp spot is basically on a street but it’s a fairly quiet one situated beside the Jardim Publico (public gardens). The local fauna provides some privacy from passers-by and there are a few bars nearby where you can take advantage of the toilet and wash basin. There are also public toilets on the edge of the park.

A massive plus for this wild camp spot is that the public gardens have free wi-fi, so if like us you need the internet on a regular basis or you need to Skype the folks back home for a cash boost then you’re in luck.

Our wild cap beside Jardim Publico, Mourão, Alentejo, Portugal.

Our wild cap beside Jardim Publico, Mourão, Alentejo, Portugal.


For food there are supermarkets in Mourão which are cheap enough and there’s also a font in the public gardens (which we didn’t try). The locals are pretty friendly once you open them up a bit but don’t mistake their manner as rudeness or ignorance, it just comes down to you to start the conversation.

There’s a girl who works in the little bar on the corner (I don’t know the name of the place – sorry) and she speaks excellent English. I spoke to her about the local area and she’s very friendly and helpful. Drop in for a bite to eat, a beer and a quick 101 on the area.

It’s not the most picturesque wild camp spot you’ll ever stay at but with just a few minutes walking you’ll be up at the castle and the views from there are nothing short of spectacular. The plus side of this wild camp is the proximity of shops and bars for food and toilets as well as the free wi-fi in the gardens.

Read about Mourão and see it in pictures, or the 14th century castle and it’s galleries: part one and part two.

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