Wild Camp at Obidos, Central Portugal

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Co-ordinates: Longitude 39.356073, Latitude -9.156691

Overview: Our wild camp at Obidos put us in a wide open car park beside the famous aqueduct. It has pros and cons which just about even out. The cons are a lack of shade or privacy, being next to a main road and, if you’re dog owners like us, there’s also the need to keep you faithfuls on leads at all times.

On the plus side you are well placed for the scenic old town of Obidos and there are plenty of places to top up the water tank, enjoy some history, withdraw cash and procure food.

Wild camp by the aqueduct at Obidos. Central Portugal

Nearest Water Supply: One of the many fonts in the old walled town.

Electric plug-in: None

Nearest Toilets: Public toilets just inside the walls of the town (3 minutes walk away)

Shade: None

Dog Friendly: Only late at night. By day the place is busy with cars coming and going. Keep your pets on leads.

Dog Walking Nearby: The walls provide and excellent walking spot or there are plenty of wide open fields nearby which are excellent places to walk you furry companions.

Safety: In terms of crime there is none here but being by the main road you’ll have to keep an eye out for traffic.

Nearest Supermarket: There are plenty of shops in the town as well as cafés, cars and restaurants.

Nearest Cashpoint: There are a few by the bridge along the main road, all Multibanco.

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