Wild Camp at Penacova, Near Coimbra, Portugal

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GPS Co-ordinates: Longitude 40.267509, Latitude -8.278456

Overview: Penacova lies to the north east of Coimbra directly on the Rio Mondego. As such it is a perfect place to enjoy the countryside and take advantage of the river for swimming and kayaking. Our wild camp spot put us right on a river beach next to a small sports arena and camp site. It had the added bonus of being close to a supermarket and the nearby club had showers and toilets giving us a much needed water supply. Aside from the club which settled down around 1am it was very quiet and peaceful through the night.

Nearest Water Supply: From the toilets underneath the local bar (literally beside the wild camp spot).

Electric plug-in: None

Nearest Toilets: Under the bar. There are also showers here.

Shade: Not much, there is some towards the back of the area.

Dog Friendly: Yes, although there is a lot of traffic during the day as people arrive at the beach.

Dog Walking Nearby: None directly accessible but you can follow the river for a few hundred metres and the parking area is big enough and safe enough to let them off the lead.

Safety: Away from the main road and well hidden from most passers-by.

Nearest Supermarket: 500m to an Aldi on the road to Penacova.

Nearest Cashpoint: In Penacova, roughly 1km away.

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