Wild camp at Santo Toribio de Liebana, Potes, Picos de Europa

Type: Wild Camp

Name: Monastery car park

Where: Near La Viorna, Potes

How to find it: Pass La Viorna camp site on the CA-885 and follow the road to the monastery. Park in the car park.


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This wild camp spot has a few benefits such as toilets (although fairly abused) and several water fonts. Being parked by the monastery leaves you somewhat exposed and a lot of visitors come to see Santo Toribio de Liebana on a daily basis, meaning you’re not going to get much peace.

That said, if you want to visit the Picos de Europa in high season and can’t afford the camp sites then is place is a good option as you’re only a few kilometres from Potes and all its shops, cafes and supermarkets.

The monastery is also free to visit and there are several walks in the area.

For Sweep it wasn’t so good as he had to remain on his long lead all the time we were at the van although the picnic area nearby and afore mentioned walks gave him and us plenty to do.

Our Carrefour internet dongle didn’t work well here.

Wild camping may not be your thing but you can always book a hotel in Potes by clicking here.


Our Verdict: Great for a few free nights allowing you to explore the local area. The toilets and water supply are a boon, just a shame it was no good for Sweep at the van.

Sweep’s Verdict: Big paws up for the walks, paws down for the car park.

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