Wild Camp at Senet Lake near Vielha – A very eventful night

Type: Wild Camp

Name: Senet Lake

Where: South of the Vielha tunnel on the N-230 at the northern edge of the Senet Lake in Aragon.

How to find it: Head south from Vielha on the N-230, go through the 5km tunnel and about 5km further on, just before the road bears right there is a turning on the left. Your marker is the abandoned house near the water’s edge.


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After spending the day in the almost Swiss looking town of Vielha we opted not to stay the night in the huge central car park where a multitude of RVs and campers looked set for a big love-in and instead headed south as the day was yielding to the darkness.

We only drove a matter of 20km at most; a route which took us through a 5km tunnel at the top of the N-230, an incredible feat of engineering which, like something from a James Bond, film carves straight through the mountain.

I have no idea what this was pointing at. Makes a good photo though.


We saw several possibilities for wild camps but I was looking for somewhere with a few other vehicles – safety in numbers and all that. We found a suitable spot where half a dozen cars were parked and we drove down to the edge of the lake. Another car was parked there, its occupants preparing hiking gear and tents, obviously in readiness for an assault on Aneto, Spain’s second highest peak.

This was to be one of our most eventful wild camping spots as after trying to find a better spot to park in away from the road I backed Denny into a ditch and was unable to move out of it.

The magnificence of Aneto took the pain out of being stuck in a ditch. Senet lake is a stunning location.


We spent the night in the tent which was cold, cramped and a little uncomfortable.

The morning brought us a great view of the lake and ‘Pepo’, our friend from the previous evening gave us some breakfast and he and I went walking to look at some edible plants and check out the river.

The wild camp spot itself is terrific; separate from the road, spacious and was great for Sweep to run around freely. Several walks run straight from the back of the place and the abandoned house is also a viable option for a good night sleep.

Denny making friends with the mountains. It survived the night unscathed.


There was no water supply and Pepo advised us not to take water from the river or lake as at lower altitudes it becomes contaminated by all manner of unpleasantness including sewage and pesticides.

Food can be obtained about 8km south at the village of Sol Vielha, a very walkable distance and even more driveable.

Instead of wild camping you could always enjoy Vielha and the Pyrenees by clicking here to find a hotel.


Our Verdict: Eventful from a personal perspective but as a wild camp it’s a stunning location. It would be a good place to stop for a few days if you had provisions.

Sweep’s Verdict: BIG PAWS UP!

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