Wild Camp at Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal

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Sintra is a beautiful historic town with more than enough attractions to keep you occupied for several days. Thankfully there is an excellent wild camping spot in the centre of the historic quarter which puts you right in the heart of the town. Everything you need is within walking distance meaning you can park the van up and relax.

There are several restaurants nearby which you can use for toilet and washing requirements as well as to top up small water bottles. The car park is in the basin below the National Palace and quite well hidden from the main road. An attendant works there on the weekend but he doesn’t care how long you stay, just that you park considerately during the day.

At night it is fairly peaceful and feels very safe. There is a crumbling house next to the car park where someone is living rough although they are very discreet and no bother., unlike the guy who continually asks for loose change for one thing or another.

Be sure to lock up and if you have a safe make sure you use it – standard advice for any wild camping adventure.

Our wild camp spot in Sintra near Lisbon, Portugal

Our wild camp spot in Sintra near Lisbon, Portugal


Nearest Water Supply: There is no water supply as such so you’ll have to stock up before you arrive or buy bottled water from a nearby supermarket.

Electric plug-in: No – There is an electric plug-in but you need a subscription (and Portuguese residence)

Nearest Toilets: A few minutes walk away, in front of the National Palace.

Shade: There are some shaded spots in the car park.

Dog Friendly: Yes – Sweep was able to make the most of a few small lawns.

Dog Walking Nearby: Plenty – Parque Liberdade is the nearest and most obvious.

Safety: The car park is away from the road and is safe in that respect.

Nearest Supermarket: 10 minutes walk into Estefania.

Nearest Cashpoint: At the train station or in the Tourist Information Office (roughly the same distance away)

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