Wild Camp at Poligon, Sitges

Type: Wild camp

Name: PA/Enrich

Where: Avinguda del Cami Pla, Sitges, Catalunya

How to find it: Follow signs for Caprabo and follow the road to the end where you will see a municipal car park designed for campers. You normally have to pay 8 euros per day. Normally.

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This was the first wild camping spot we used together in Spain. It is not exactly ideal as traffic from nearby superstores and early morning bin men make for a noisy place but in fairness we didn’t pay so I guess we can’t complain too much.

During July and August Catalunya gets extremely hot and we had to sleep with the side door open to get a draft blowing through. It didn’t help much.

Major drawbacks with this spot include the lack of anywhere to go for a dump or a pee in private, unless you want to upset frequenters of the car wash and recycling bins. You can of course treat yourself to an excellent cake and herbal tea from PA / Enrich which is right next door to Caprabo and make use of their toilets while you’re at it.

As it was our first wild camp spot and we weren’t too fussy about where we stayed this place was ok. I wouldn’t recommend staying there longer than one night as the local police are hot on people parking where they shouldn’t. As always, motorists are easy money for any police.

Verdict: Hot and noisy but okay if you’re in a fix. Local shops and cafés make it less painful.

Sweep’s Verdict: Grrrrr.

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