Wild Camp at Tarifa’s Bullring, Costa de la Luz, Andalucia

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Tarifa offers plenty of opportunities for wild camping but you also have to be careful as parking in the wrong place will lead to your vehicle being towed and a heavy fine coming your way.

We spoke to some locals who regularly wild camp and they recommended we stay beside the bullring near the seafront as the police don’t tend to bother anybody there.

As wild camping spots go this one is okay at best. It’s in the street which is never a favourite place to pull up and as it’s fairly close to the school you’re going to be subject to a lot of noise from the school kids.

There are no toilets nearby so you’ll have to make do with peeing up a wall or in your favourite emergency pissoir.

The great advantage of wild camping beside the burring in Tarifa is that you’re right in the heart of the town so there are plenty of cafés for ablutions and refreshments as well as supermarkets for those vital supplies.

The beach us about 10 minutes walk away and although the signs say ‘PERROS NO’ (no dogs) there are plenty of dog walkers flouting that law of a morning.

In summary, wild camping beside the bullring in Tarifa is not the greatest place in terms of beauty or peace but for ease of access to shops, bars, cafés and the beach it is definitely worthy of consideration. Plus it’s free!

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