Wild Camp at the Lake near Zahara de la Sierra, Andalucia

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When you see a lake and you’re driving your home the temptation is to find a place to park for the night, kick back and enjoy the serenity of it all. When we saw the lake below Zahara de la Sierra, Andalucia, we did just that, except the serenity we hoped for was missing.

It would be unfair to describe this wild camp spot as unpleasant because it is beautiful. The lake makes for a terrific viewing point and the surrounding mountains are as majestic as any, especially the twin peaks across the water.

We simply arrived at a bad time; the combination of extreme heat (39 degrees) and high winds meant we were trying to sleep in a blast furnace.

Had it not been for the conditions it would have been perfect. We didn’t see a single soul all night and the van was hidden enough to make us inconspicuous to anyone driving past.

As wild camp spots go the lake near Zahara is amazing although you’ll need to stock up on provisions, especially water. The town and its impressive keep is just 2.5 km away so if you stay for a few nights you can pick provisions up there.


Wild camping at the lake near Zahara de la Sierra, Andalucia - an incredible location.

Wild camping at the lake near Zahara de la Sierra, Andalucia - an incredible location.


You’ll have to take care of your own toilet needs, either with your chemical toilet or a spade, some tissue, a couple of wet-wipes and a bag. There is sufficient space and cover to do that comfortably and privately. You know the drill.

Do not make the mistake of trying to drive down to the water’s edge as the road is incredibly bumpy and will damage your vehicle. Furthermore, where the road ends the lake begins and does so abruptly; a ten foot drop straight into the water. DO NOT go down there at night.

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