Wild Camp at Torre del Mar beach, Costa del Sol, Andalucia

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Our first stop at Torre del Mar was at Camping Laguna where we spent two very windy nights. The weather that is, not us. The camp site is situated at the far west end of Torre del Mar’s beach and is a good area for dogs to walk.

On our way into the site we saw a lot of Dutch and German campers parked up along the sea wall so I decided to follow suit and save myself a few euros.

This wild camp is probably not so ‘wild’ as it is serviced by a Chirrungito on the beach who, fortunately for all us 30-40-something nomads, leave their toilets unlocked (they’re outside at the back of the bar). This is a huge plus at it takes care of your water supply and other ablutions.

Wild Camp at Laguna Beach, Torre del Mar, Andalucia

Wild Camp at Laguna Beach, Torre del Mar, Andalucia

It’s not the quietest spot but it is vast and when I stayed there I was among a dozen vans who seemed to be almost living there. At night we were joined by local youths and their subwoofers but they didn’t stick around late and peace was restored by around 11pm.

It is supposedly illegal to wild camp within two kilometres of a camp site in Spain but the local police came round at night and didn’t bother anyone, much like the wild camp we found at Tossa de Mar.

The major plus points of this site are that it’s 10 minutes walk to the centre of Torre del Mar, it has a great beach which is dog friendly, there is a bar which seems happy to let people use its facilities and there is also a separate water supply from the beach showers (non-toxic but probably not that drinkable). My internet dongle worked very well here too.

After leaving Torre del Mar I went to Lake Vinuela and you can read about that by clicking here.

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