Wild Camp by the Scooby-Doo house west of Baiona, Galicia

A couch waits invitingly on the hill west of Baiona, Galicia

Type: Wild Camp

Name: Abandoned beach house

Where: West of Baiona, Galicia, on the PO-552

How to find it: Head about 3km west out of Baiona on the PO-552 and look for a couch on a hill on your right, just before the lighthouse on your left. A dirt track takes you down past the abandoned house. Park sea side of the house for some shelter and privacy.


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After a visit to Baiona and its fortified old quarter we continued along the coast on the PO-552. It wasn’t late in the day but when we spotted the old couch on the hill and the abandoned house beside it we knew we had to stay there.

The rocky water front was battered by crashing waves and a few cars lingered in the car park; fishermen and dog walkers wiling away their Sunday afternoon in sight of Isla de San Martiño. By sundown they had all left and we got to enjoy this wonderful wild spot by ourselves.

The lighthouse behind cast beams of white across the sea and the waves created a soothing lullaby, but best of all was the clear sky, unpolluted by city lights, which held more stars than I’ve ever seen before. It was a positively dazzling night visage; diamonds glinting in the glare of a miner’s lamp.

Sunset through the porthole over the Atlantic, Baiona, Galicia

We watch the sun head for New York and settle in for a luminous night near Baiona, Galicia.

In terms of wild camping facilities this place didn’t have much but we traded that off against the absolute beauty of it all. The old Scooby-Doo house was not at all imposing and the hill with the couch provided a modicum of amusement. We had no toilet facilities so the spade was required and there was no clean water supply nearby.

We allowed Sweep off his lead so he was pretty happy with it all and although there was nowhere for a long walk we chased him around the car park and hill to get him some exercise.

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Wild camping may not be your thing but you can always book a hotel in Baiona by clicking here.


Our Verdict: Incredibly beautiful wild camp which makes up for its lack of water supply, dog walking options and secluded toilet opportunities with sheer magic in terms of vistas and soundscapes. A must see.

Sweep’s Verdict: Big paws up 😀


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