Wild Camp in Vielha, Pyrenees, Catalunya

Type: Wild Camp

Name: Vielha centre

Where: Plaça de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Vielha, Catalunya.

How to find it: Follow the N230 into Vielha from either direction and look for sings to the Placa de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Park up beneath the trees by the river.


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Although we didn’t sleep in this wild camp spot, plenty of other campers looked to have made themselves a home there and we spent the afternoon parked up so we could explore this lively little skiing town which sits so close to Aneto, the tallest peak in the Spanish Pyrenees.

In a way this was almost the perfect wild camping spot because it was right in the centre of town, 1km from a gas station and within spitting distance of the old church in the square, the English speaking tourist information office and a whole host of cafés and restaurants, a few of which offered free wifi.

The police passed by several times and didn’t ask anyone to move on so I guess they were happy with the multitude of campers being there. Tourist money in a country on the verge of recession must also be a welcome thing.

For Sweep it was so-so; he had to stay on his long lead in the car park but there were plenty of places to walk him nearby. The river also provided a pathway to follow.

Vielha is a busy place so to find somewhere free to park was a massive boost. It is even rarer to find one so central and so close to supermarkets, shops, cafés and a gas station, most of which provided either water or a toilet.

Our Carrefour internet dongle worked extremely well here.

Wild camping may not be your thing but you can always book a hotel in Vielha by clicking here.


Our Verdict: A good spot and I don’t know why we didn’t stay there. Perhaps something to do with fate, a ditch to drive into and meeting Pepo. I fully recommend this easy to find spot.

Sweep’s Verdict: Big paws up – there were other dogs to play with 🙂

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