Wild Camp near Kukuarri near San Sebastian, Basque Country

Type: Wild Camp

Name: Kukuarri Picnic

Where: Paseo de la Padre Orkolaga, nr. San Sebastian, Basque Country

How to find it: From San Sebastian follow signs for Igeldo and follow that road for around 10km until you reach the picnic area.


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Upon arriving at San Sebastian we hoped to find a wild camp along the beach somewhere but unfortunately the city doesn’t offer any real possibilities (at least ones which feel safe).

We drove west out of the city along the cliff top road which gave us a chance to get an idea of the rugged Basque coastline; a relatively unspoilt stretch of seafront which remains largely inhospitable and lacks any clear cut beaches but still remains verdant, colourful and pretty.

We found the picnic spot about 10km from San Sebastian and a few other campers were parked there too. It seemed like a good spot; a great field for Sweep to run around in, lockable public toilets, several water fonts and some great walks along the coast line and through the nearby forests.

We were joined by a few groups later on who partied into the early hours but that wasn’t a problem and we awoke to stunning vistas of cloud and sea in perfect cohesion. The Bay of Biscay is a turbulent body of water and the driven winds buffeted our Denny through the night.

We would have stayed longer than the one night had we been able to get any internet signal but alas our Carrefour internet dongle didn’t work at all here.

Wild camping may not be your thing but you can always book a hotel in the beautiful city of San Sebastian by clicking here.


Our Verdict: A wonderful wild camp with toilets, a water supply and excellent walks for sweep. Decent access and proximity to San Sebastian. Go well stocked with food to enjoy a few days of peace and excellent sea views.

Sweep’s Verdict: Big paws up.


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