Wild Camp on the A8 near San Sebastian, Basque Country

Type: Wild Camp

Name: A8 services

Where: Autopista del Cantabrico near San Sebastian, Basque Country

How to find it: Head west on the A8 out of San Sebastian and just beyond Junction 10 you’ll see the services on the right. Park up in the big car park at the back.


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We’d heard stories about people being gassed and robbed while camping at motorway services so it was with a little trepidation that we decided to stay here. After some research we discovered that it was the AP-7 and AP-2, both around Barcelona, which were the culprits. It’s still unclear whether gas was used but people were definitely robbed. The police advise against it as there have been many cases of that happening to tourists.

We nestled in amongst a whole load of articulated lorries which apparently are not targeted by the vindictive thieves.

So, we were well serviced in terms of toilets and water as the service station took care of that and the only problems we had were with Sweep having no chance of being off the lead. There was greenery around the station which meant we could walk him so that was not too bad.

It wasn’t a pleasantly scenic place, it did its job – gave us a sleep. I wouldn’t recommend using service stations too often just in case the robbing craze starts to reach beyond Catalunya.

We didn’t try our Carrefour internet dongle here as we literally only stopped to sleep.

Wild camping may not be your thing but you can always book a hotel in San Sebastian by clicking here.

Our Verdict: Noisy, dirty and bland but useful for a night when sleep was desperately needed.

Sweep’s Verdict: Big paws down – crap.

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