Wild Camp on the beach in San Sebastian, Basque Country

Type: Wild Camp

Name: San Sebasitan sea front (east)

Where: Paseo de Jose Miguel Barandiaran, San Sebastian, Basque Country, 20013

How to find it: Head east along the sea front at San Sebastian and you’ll arrive at a set of parking spaces in the road. Pick one and lock up tight.


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We explored the sea front at San Sebastian and this was the only place that free to park and didn’t look like the police would hassle us. There were a few other campers there when we arrived but by dark most of them had left; only there for the beaches during the day I imagine.

It soon became clear why it wasn’t an ideal wild camp. The clubs at the back of the street were noisy and trying to outdo each other for volume, plus their clients seemed a rowdy bunch. We’d had an encounter with a would-be thief earlier in the day in the same area so our paranoia was more than justified.

On top of those things there was no water supply, no toilets (unless we went into a bar/club) and there was no way we could let Sweep off. We actually moved on from here in the end as it seemed uncomfortable; we both had that gut feeling to get away.

We did so after walking Sweep on the beach at night, the only time we could do so without fear of being fined.

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Our Verdict: A noisy section of the city with some unsavoury characters knocking about. Probably best to avoid this place if you don’t want to spend all night being woken by every little noise.

Sweep’s Verdict: Big paws up for the beach, BIG paws down the traffic, noise and lead.

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