Wild Camp on the streets in Ainsa, Basque Region

The old quarter in Hondarribia

Type: Wild Camp

Name: Hondarribia marina

Where: Beside the park at Jabier Ugarte Plaza

How to find it: Enter Hondarribia on the GI-3440, turn left (thrid exit) onto Sabin Arana Goiri Kalea and follow it for a few hundred metres; turn right into Irun Kalea then left onto Bidasoa Kalea (the main road by the marina).

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Hondarribia was our first stop in the Basque Region and we ended up staying there for a few days. We looked around the area a lot for a decent space but with our internet dongle low on credit and a Carrefour store nowhere in sight we needed to find a free wifi connection so we ended parking along the marina front so we could walk into the old quarter and abuse the free connection in the square.

We stopped by a park which had two fonts so that took care of our water problems. Our usual considerations of Sweep’s happiness/freedom and having somewhere easy to take a pee or a dump had to be shelved here due to the central and very public location.

Sadly Sweep had to stay in the van while we were there and for night pees we had to use the old bucket trick. With a lid of course; we wouldn’t want that vile stench battering our olfactory senses all night long.

For toilets we sneaked into bars while they were busy so as to look like regular paying customers who liked to leave stinking calling cards; not caring however popular that made us or not.

We used a few cafes in the old quarter for internet so managed to get our work done fairly easily and Sweep got to play with a couple of dogs he met there. His walks were less fun too, sticking to the main roads as there was nowhere else to take him really.

Our Carrefour internet dongle worked well here (but not for long as we ran out of credit).

Wild camping may not be your thing but you can always book a hotel in the lovely Hondarribia by clicking here.


Our Verdict: Not ideal but still free with good access to the main parts of town. No toilets or showering facilities meant we had to keep things very basic. Local noise went on all night too as it was high season.


Sweep’s Verdict: Big paws down 🙁


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