Wild Camping Kit #2 – The Bed

The camping bed paraphernalia.


In my last post I discussed the importance of the right shelter and covered some of the features of my Quechua Quick Hiker tent. With the shelter taken care of the next issue of importance is the bed. A good night sleep is essential when camping and without a warm, comfortable bed that will be almost impossible.

For this time of year when it’s still cold at night I’ve put together a four part bed which consists of a self-inflating ground mat (the Quechua A200 Ultralight), a 10mm thick roll mat, a sleeping bag and a sleeping bag liner.

The Quechua A200 Ultralight self-inflating mattress is incredibly light, weighing just 730g. It also packs down to a small size and is easy to find a home for in the pack. This is the first thing to go down and serves as the base for the entire bed.

On top of the air bed goes the roll mat. The reason the roll mat goes on top is to insulate against the cold ground and cold air inside the inflatable mattress. If you have it the other way round you’ll end up having a very uncomfortable night.


The camping bed paraphernalia.

The 35L Deuter pack and roll mat. When combined with the Quechua A200 Ultralight air bed, sleeping bag liner and Ridgeline 1 sleeping bag I get to enjoy a comfortable night.


The sleeping bag (a cheap Hi-Gear Ridgeline 1 summer bag) is the final piece once it’s had the mummy bag liner fitted in. The liner makes the bag more useful at slightly lower temperatures so instead of the 12 degrees stated as minimum on the sleeping bag, it can cope with around 8-9 degrees which is ideal for spring, especially after I’ve layered up my clothing appropriately.

I use my clothes bag wrapped in a shirt as a pillow and I can squash it to the right height for my neck which adds to the comfort.

Take a look at the list of wild camping essentials or read my previous post, Wild Camping Kit#1 – The Tent.

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