Wild Camping Kit #3 – Cooking Gear

Jetboil - Camping Stove and Related Gear


It may seem a little odd for a predominantly ‘raw foodist’ to carry cooking gear but there are a number of very good reasons why I pack my stove.

My cooking gear is very minimal and I like to keep things lightweight and easy. I’ve been using a Jetboil for several years after a friend in the army recommended one. Because of its aluminium cup, heat dispersing element, piezo starter and the ability to store the gas can and stove section inside the cup it makes for an excellent travel companion.

The best part is the speed with which it brings water to the boil, just two minutes in colder climates. The stove is also exceptionally fuel efficient so a small Coleman canister will last for a week when used reasonably (4-5 boils per day).

The Jetboil is not designed to be used as a traditional stove, indeed it is pretty much a gas kettle, albeit a very good one. Trying to cook things in it will end in tears and the best approach is to use ‘boil in the bag’ foods. It does a terrific job of heating those and it’s possible to adapt foil bags to hold food you’ve prepared yourself.

Being such a fast boiling device the Jetboil is perfect for making a quick tea or heating water to clean with. Hygiene is important out in the wild.

To compliment my Jetboil I have a fold out stand which holds it steady, a foldable silicon cup and a Spork (A food-grade plastic eating implement with a spoon at one end and a fork at the other – the Push-Me-Pull-Me of the camping world). Sometimes I wish I had a second Spork because trying to eat with on is almost impossible at times.

That’s it for my food preparation gear. Nice, lightweight and simple.

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