Wild Camping Kit #6 – The Snood


The Humble Snood - So many uses.

The humble snood has so many uses. I hear you can even wear them


I touched upon the useful nature of my snood in the last post so in this one I’m going to hurl a few examples of its many largely untapped uses.

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first. Your snood is a hat. It is also a scarf. It can be a balaclava. You can wear it over your mouth and nose in cold weather.

Other less obvious uses for a snood however are things like a makeshift sling in case of a broken, sprained or generally damaged arm. This can be done by pushing some twine or other cord like material through the snood and tying it around the shoulder. The arm can be placed inside the snood too.

Moving away from injuries the snood makes an excellent strainer, great for soaking vegetables. Tie one end, drop your veg in and leave them in a pot to soak. To strain them use the same method but spin them about in the air a bit to dry them off.

As a steamer for rice simply tie the end and drop your rice in, find something to hold it over your pot of boiling water and steam away.

You can turn your snood into a small carry sack, again by tying the end (both ends in fact).

I have in the past used mine as an emergency pillow by stuffing it with clothes and getting it to the right height for my neck/shoulder. It was actually pretty comfortable but always remember that it will compact so you need to overstuff it for best results.

It can also be used as a tea or hand towel and best of all, because the fabric contains lycra and is quick drying, you can leave it out on the sun for a few hours and it’ll be dry and in perfect shape.


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