Wok to Walk – Barcelona

Carrer de Sant Pau, 27
El Raval

Monday to Friday       12hrs – 02hrs
Saturday and Sunday  12hrs – 03hrs

Also at Carrer Jaume, 17

Wok to Walk is the working class older brother of  Woki Organic Market. It’s been around in El Raval for a few years feeding the tired, the drunk and the sightseeing-weary to stir-fries cooked on the spot and without further ado.

It works just the same as <Woki> – or should I say Woki works just the same as Wok to Walk – except with better quality ingredients.

So, to start off with you choose your base ingredient, which might be egg noodles, whole-wheat noodles or rice noodles; brown or white rice – which will cost you €4.90 and will be embellished with vegetables and egg. Or you can select a base that comprises a combination of broccoli, mushroom, pak choi, bean sprouts, spring onion, white cabbage and egg – also €4.90.

Onto that you can add the following vegetarian ingredients: tofu, dried tomatoes, cashew nuts, mushrooms, pineapple and bamboo shoots – which cost €1 per ingredient. A mix of peppers costs €0.70; broccoli costs €1.20 per portion and shitake mushrooms cost 1.50 per portion.

There’s also a vegetarian mix – called verduritas, which consists of broccoli, mushrooms, pineapple, pak choi and peanuts.

Add to this a sauce of your very own choice free of charge. Sauces to choose are as follows:

Bangkok / yellow curry coconut
Hanoi  / green curry coconut
Tokyo / teriyaki
Hong Kong / sweet and sour
Beijing /  traditional Chinese sauce
Bali  /  peanut sauce
Saigon / tomato and black pepper
Hot Asia /  hot

You get a decent portion for your euros and the sauces are tasty. You don’t get as much vegetables as you’d probably like, if you try to eat healthily.

Drinks cost €1.50 each, accept for water, which costs €1.30.

It’s a quick and easy solution to a burgeoning hunger that has crept up on you whilst Gaudi spotting.

Given the choice I’d rather eat at the more up-market Woki Organic Market but that’s because I’m an out and out food snob.

It’s a fairly cheap option with lots for the vegetarian and the vegan but nothing for the raw food vegan – although you could ask for the mixed vegetable base with the verduritas mix and get them to bung some salsa on it – it would be about 95% raw – although they’d look at you kinda strange, but do you care?

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