Woki Organic Market supermarket, restaurant and bakery – Gracia, Barcelona

Woki Organic Gracia

C. Asturies 22

My love affair with Woki Organic Market started with the branch on c/hospitalet just off Placa Catalunya in the very centre of Barcelona Town. So I was positively gleeful when I found this branch up in lovely Gracia.

As the name perhaps suggests to the more astute Woki Organic Supermarket is a bio/organic supermarket, which also has a bakery and patisserie (including breads from the delightful Barcelona Reykjavik organic bakery), it also sells pizzas, pasta, salads, ice creams and wok-fried organic dishes to go.

The interior of all the Woki Organic Supermarket branches is sophisticated, beautifully laid out and very easy on the eye with stunning displays and shiny white tiled walls.

There is a small range of  bottled fruit juices, wines, herbal teas, cheeses, oriental ingredients (algae, miso, rice vinegar, umeboshi etc) and a selection of alternative sweeteners such as fructose, honey and agave syrup for the raw foodies (although no raw honey or raw agave syrup.)

There’s a pricey range of organic fruits and vegetables in Woki Organic Supermarket such as carrots, apples, oranges, potatoes, avocadoes, tomatoes, fennel, lemons and limes.

In the grocery section you will find well-known products from Demeter, A Vogel, Yogi and Celestial Season teas.

The take-away food section of Woki offers some impressive-looking fodder for the wandering vegetarian or vegan, who might be missing having access to Wholefoods or the likes, although it is not all vegetarian or vegan.

You can also buy organic meat in the refridgerated cabinets.

For afters, if the cakes and pastries at Woki’s inhouse panaderia don’t hustle you, there is an ice cream bar that offers flavours such as hazelnut, mango, organic mandarin, lemon, coffee and strawberry.

The whole raw food veganism movement is yet to hit Barcelona but this fairly new opening is something to get excited about. It means that the organic movement is becoming more popular, that Catalans are becoming more interested in good health and will hopefully open the doors to more such offerings. The branch of Woki in central Barcelona used to have a small raw-food menu, but sadly this has since been discontinued due to lack of interest. Boo hoo.

Woki Organic Market – expensive but lovely.


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