Woki Organic Market takeaway – Barcelona

Carders, 6
El Borne
Nr Jaume metro

Sunday to Thursday: 14hrs – 16hrs and 20:30hrs – 22.30hrs
Friday and Saturday: 14hrs – 16hrs and 21.00hrs – 23.00hrs

This is the little fast-food progeny of the glorious Organic Market on Ronda Universitat near Placa Catalunya serving just wok-based stir fries and a small selection of sushi.

You can eat-in on a few fashionably distressed looking pine tables and benches. The floors are black slate and the walls are clean and tiled. Or you can take it away and eat it wherever you please.

For the stir fries you can choose between a small or large container (€3.90 / €4.90) and then you select from the following base ingredients:

Rice noodles
Egg noodles
White rice
Mixed vegetables

You can then select from the following vegetarian add-ons:

Tofu / €1.30
Spinach / €1.30
Broccolli / €1.30
Green beans / €1.30
Peanuts  / €1.30
Sesame  / €1.30
Baby corn  /  €1.30
Mushrooms /  €1.30
Pineapple / €1.30
Bamboo shoots / €1.30

To augment your ingredients you then choose a sauce, which they don’t charge you extra for:

Thai / coconut milk and red curry
China / sweet and sour
Casa / secret house sauce
Malaya / coconut milk and green curry
Spicy / hot sauce
Ho Sin / matured soy wine
Japo / teriyaki sauce

Between us we’ve tried the egg noodles with tofu, spinach, broccoli and pineapple with a Malaya sauce – which was thoroughly delicious and a welcome curry fix and the mixed vegetable with tofu and Thai sauce, which was good but I’d probably have the rice noodles next time.

They are all served in those cute cardboard cartons – the kind of thing Starsky and Hutch would have eaten from when doing a stake out in the Bronx in 1976. So we’re fans of eating noodles from cartons.

If sushi’s your raw bag then you can have either veggy maki which is €5 for 6 units or veggy niguri, which is €3.50 for 2 units.

The service is abrupt but professional and you can also purchase a few Asian ingredients whilst you wait for your gums to stop throbbing, such as coconut milk by the carton, big packets of rice and egg noodles, palm oil and red and green curry sauces (neither of which seemed to contain e numbers, unless they accidentally forgot to list them on the packet.)

No idea if Sweep would be allowed in there as we’ve never tried to take him. I don’t think he’d like the curry sauces – they’d blow his tufty ears off.

I went to the branch en El Borne, but there are also editions at Passeig Maritim 1 in La Barceloneta – nearest metro Barceloneta. And at Asturies 22, in Gracia, nearest metro Fontana.

Organic Market which includes wok, sushi plus a bakery, burger bar, salad bar and organic supermarket can be found on Ronda Universitat 20, very close to Placa Catalunya.

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