Woki Organic takeaway and supermarket – Barcelona

Passeig Maritime, 1
La Barceloneta

This is another of the fast-food progeny of my favourite organic shop in Barcelona (located on Ronda Universitat near Placa Catalunya) except here they serve just wok-based stir fries and have a small grocery section.

You can either takeaway here or else you can eat-in on some large pine tables and benches. But with its proximity to the beach, it’s gagging to be taken away and consumed with the sound of the waves but a few steps away.

First you need to choose between either a small or a large container which costs €3.90 or €4.90 respectively and then you select one of the following base ingredients:

Egg noodles
White rice
Mixed vegetables
Rice noodles

And one of  the following (vegetarian) add-ons:

Spinach    €1.30
Broccoli  €1.30
Green beans  €1.30
Peanuts  €1.30
Sesame   €1.30
Baby corn  €1.30
Mushrooms   €1.30
Pineapple  €1.30
Bamboo shoots  €1.30
Tofu   €1.30

They have meat and fish available too, but I don’t care to mention those items here, as I assume you have no interest.

Then you choose a sauce from the following:

Thai:  coconut milk and red curry
China:  sweet and sour
Casa:  secret house sauce
Malaya: coconut milk and green curry
Spicy: hot sauce
Ho Sin: matured soy wine
Japo:   teriyaki sauce

Your dish is then stir-fried before your eyes and then squished into a cute cardboard box.

They also sell ingredients, mainly for Asian or Mexican cooking plus a few healthy items such as rice cakes, potato chips, herbal teas and fruit bars.

Strangely they also sell some crap things such as Toblerones and Kitkats – which I don’t really understand, but hey – you’re in Barcelona.

Great for a healthy dish straight form the beach or for a touch of healthy tucker in the evenings when every man, woman, child and doggy seem to be out walking.

Also good for picking up a few healthy ingredients or a really unhealthy bar of cheap chocolate.


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