Xocoa Café & chocolateria – Lluria, Eixample, Barcelona

Xocoa Lluria
C/ Roger de lluría, 87
Eixample Derecha (Right)

09hrs to 21hrs


I don’t know why I do this to myself. It inveigles me in, I tell you. Oh chocolate.. I am but a weak and feeble servant and you are a strong and powerful master.

Xocoa is another in the family of my most dearest Petritxol (in the Gothic Quarter), where they do the most delightful hot chocolate I’ve ever tried. Ever. And Xocoa is sadly no different, except that the interior is way more delightful, with kind of retro furnishings and a more spacious, relaxing and altogether more chocolatey atmosphere.

They also do sandwiches here and crepes, whereas Petrixol is mainly the three basic food groups: cake, chocolate and cookies.

If you are dying for a crepe then you need look no further. Here they are supremely tasty and cost €6.50 – slightly above what you’d pay elsewhere but they are of a high quality and you get to sit in a lovely environment whilst you eat. Savoury crepes come in several varieties, and startlingly, half seem to be fit for vegetarian consumption. I know, right! Eg four cheeses and nuts (probably one cheese is enough to bring on an asthma attack in those with lactose intolerance); or tomato, onion, soya and mushrooms.

Sandwiches are served on a variety of breads such as french baguette, focaccia or dark bread. Plus they have a few prepared salads and empanadas.

But… it’s the sweet things where Xocoa excels. Delightful chocolate snacks – positively brimming with disgusting sweetness such as dense and moist madalenes half dipped in either dark, white or milk chocolate and flavoured with lemon or orange. Utterly divine. And don’t even start me on the hot chocolates. The Swiss comes with proper fresh cream and is repugnantly sweet and delicious. If a whole cup is too decadent, and they really are decadent, then you can ask for a Swiss ‘pequenita’, which is enough to assure you that there isn’t a God because if there was, he wouldn’t make sugar bad for you, and milk wouldn’t come from animals it would come from clouds.

Anyway – nice spot. Go there. No one will like you if you don’t.

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