Yerbabuena vegetarian restaurant – Madrid





Bordadores, 3
(at Calle Mayor, off Plaza Mayor)

Best of all about Yerbabuena – for me as a burgeoning raw food vegan – is the choice of creative salads.

Food is marked to denote whether it is vegan, available as a vegan option and/or suitable for celiac sufferers.

None of the salads are vegan but I’m sure you could negotiate something raw and vegan given the number of ingredients they have at their disposal.

You can choose from cesar salad with spinach, salad with couscous; and a tartare of avocado which consists of seaweed, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and all kinds of goodness.

If you aren’t up for salad, then there is also a menu del dia (three course menu) such as a soup, bread, main course and a dessert such as home made kefir or yoghurt.

If you want a main course (plato fuerte) you can select from goat cheese with caramelized marmalade, stuffed cannelloni, vegetarian paella or organic spinach spaghetti (which is suitable for both vegans and celiacs so they say).

There are a good range of soups as well. In fact, there are several options for every course and each sounds delicious. The menu is creative without being recognisable.

There are just a few problems with Yerbabuena. The staff are consistently grumpy. (Don’t hate us, we pay your wages. If you don’t like working in the service industry, don’t. If you are having to work in a restaurant to make ends meet, you might as well grin and bear it.) The service was also very slow. Whilst the food is good, I found it to be pricey.


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