Yoga Classes on the Beach at Sitges, Catalunya

Yoga classes on the beach at Sitges

Yoga classes on the beach at Sitges? Count me in...


We sat bingeing on our fare from Pa/Enrich as the sun beat down for another day. Warmer than yesterday and attracting more people from the depths of winter’s despair to taste the solar joy, we watched on as Sitges sprang to life and a yoga class took place on the beach.

It looked like a steady, gentle beginners class comprising of the more subtle elements of Ashtanga Vinyassa and we wanted in. Of course, you never interrupt a yoga class so we waited diligently until it ended before speaking to the lady taking the class, high hopes that she’d run daily groups now that the weather is back to normal.

I was greeted by a very smiley Canadian who introduced herself as Wendy. I was disappointed to discover that she was chaperoning a Canadian school tour and would not be teaching beach yoga, but, she does have her own studio in Canada and she’s planning to run a tour of Spain in 2013.

You can check her website out by clicking this link –




While watching beach yoga I saw gulls circle in front of a canopy of blue, bright sun and chemtrails.

While watching beach yoga in Sitges I saw gulls circle in front of a canopy of blue, bright sun and chemtrails.


After a conversation that sailed by the shores of raw food, yoga and spiritual matters I returned to the bench, soaked up a few rays and watched the gulls circle in front of the fresh chemtrails which came out to play for the first time this year.

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