Yogurteria (frozen yogurt store) – Barcelona

Carrer del Bonsucces
El Raval

A delightful little retro-style takeaway frozen yoghurt store has recently taken residence in a tiny tienda in the north of Barcelona’s trendy Raval district, one of several that have recently opened in Catalonia in order to give the hundreds of heladerias a run for their fattening and old-fashioned money.

Yogurteria has a simple and exquisitely decorated with a sixties-style mural and a kind of comforting quaintness you will love if you like your interiors retro.

The folk at Yogurteria will vend to the non-vegan and more health conscious individual perhaps tired and sweat-encased from tramping from one boringly awesome Gaudi creation to another and exhausted from the popular Barcelonan sport of avoiding purse snatchers, (a sport involving so much stamina, it is rumoured to soon become part of the Olympic decathlon) a range of cheerfully good frozen yogurts from €3.50 – €4.50 dependent on size. It’s what you’d expect from a shop that sells frozen yogurt. If they didn’t, let’s face it, you’d be disappointed.

Much like any other yogurtaria you choose a size and then select from a choice of toppings and sauces to bling the bastard up with. They don’t have a massive range of toppings but what they have is fresh and tasty.

The yogurt is just 120 calories per 100 grams and contains only 2% fat, if those are the kind of things that upset you. Personally, I think calorie counting is archaic and a cruel way of destroying any chance you might have of happiness.

For the lactose intolerant or just those on a more healthy path, they also offer goats’ or sheeps’ yogurt – which is pretty crazy and contemporary. They don’t even do that in New York City.

You can also pick up batidos (yogurt smoothies) of various delightful fruity amalgamations, and handsome looking fruit salads for the out-and-about raw vegan, who’s worked up an appetite and is sick of plain water.

It’s a cute little place and one of several great options on this calle alone that offers something of interest to the vegetarian, vegan or health conscious person.

Carrer del Bonsucces is near the top of Las Ramblas (on the left-hand side, if heading towards Placa Catalunya). It’s the road with the red neon windmill. Yogurteria is on the right-hand side.

Lovely place. Great frozen yogurt.
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